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Welcome to the Discussion domain of NCAB. Visitors to NCAB’s website are invited to take part in discussions conducted by NCAB regarding issues related to its activities and policy.
While referring to documents dealing with these issues, participants can constribute to better understanding of professional and public aspects related to NCAB’s decision making process in order to optimize the utilization of coal ash for the benefit of economy and society.
Topics currently on the agenda:

Proposed environmental regulations for coal ash use, July 2012.
The proposed regulations define the conditions for coal ash uses from their administrative and environmental aspects.

The environmental aspects of the regulations are based on the conditions set for the various uses of coal ash by the relevant authorities, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and others in accordance with the case in question, based on the recommendations of the NCAB Professional Scientific Teams, which are, in turn, derived from research findings.

The administrative aspects of the regulations reflect the procedures developed to control coal ash removal from power station and the ash’s various applications subject to the aforementioned conditions, as were shaped through the years by the Professional National Echelon which acts on the basis of the instructions contained in the Plan for the Prevention of Hazards from Coal-Operated Power Stations in the National Outline Plan 10 for Power Station and Power Lines.

The regulations also relate to the storage conditions of coal ash in sites outside the power station, whether as intermediate storage performed by IEC (Israel Electric Co.) or under its supervision, or inside a plant that uses the coal ash, and to the disposal of unutilized coal ash. The conditions for the prevention of hazards in storage and operational sites are based on the conditions formulated for dry waste sites.

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“Upgraded environmental conditions for the use of coal ash application to soil”,  proposed by the Professional-Scientific (pollutants) Team (PSPT), February 2012.

The environmental guidelines for the use of fly ash in various soil applications – in the paving of roads, as infrastructure fillers and as an additive to agricultural soil – were determined by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 1998 in accordance with the recommendations of the NCAB based on the deliberations of the NCAB’s professional-scientific committee on coal ash. The guidelines were formulated based on the strict assumption of potential latent hazard to the environment due these uses. The adoption of the above assumption was inevitable, given the state of scientific knowledge regarding the processes occurring in the ash and its environment, at the time the guidelines were formulated.

At the recommendation of the committee, the NCAB has initiated in-depth research with an eye to creating a knowledge-base for the formulation of guidelines that will better reflect the real risks, on the one hand, and open up more room for flexibility in the approval of applications of the ash, on the other, clearly distinguishing between fly and bottom ash. The findings of the studies and the environmental assessments derived from them regarding the uses of coal ash were presented and debated at three international workshops held at the initiative of the NCAB, in 2005, 2009 and 2012.


The PSPT of the NCAB has considered the conclusions of the above summarized research, and following the discussions of the 2009 workshop, has consolidated recommendations for environmental guidelines for the application of coal ash in infrastructures and agriculture. These guidelines are presented in the following chapters:

View “Upgrading the environmental guidelines for the use of coal ash – paving, infrastructure and agriculture”.

Those who would like to take an active part in the discussion and to respond to the proposed guidelines, are invited to the Discussion page to express your opinions.