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Key points of follow up plan

The work of the National Coal Ash Board (NCAB), the main focus of which is the identification and definition of preferred uses and the creation of the required conditions to implement them – through technological and environmental standardization, supply and storage infrastructures, the creation and dissemination of knowledge, the provision of administrative assistance and the consolidation of public support, is moving forward along a two-pronged developmental axis, in the framework of a master plan:

  • Initial development – To transform raw coal from waste into an economic resource, employed as an alternative to sand and vital quarried materials, for basic uses in civil engineering;
  • Advanced development – To economically improve the use of ash by means of industrial procedures that take advantage of its unique characteristics in high-value uses.
  • Futuristic development – To prepare means in order to deal with grater coal ash quantities being anticipated while operation of new coal fired power stations and with fly ash quality deterioration due to new burning regimens that would be compelled by environmental authorities.

The NCAB, in conjunction with various parties in the government and economy, has accomplished the establishment and expansion of the “initial development” phase, assists in the testing and promotion of the uses of the “advanced development” phase, and prepares to future challenges, making use of the leading development trends in the world.

In this context, the NCAB is planning to focus on the following areas of activity:

Standardization of uses

Environmental standardization:

Broadening of knowledge for the expansion of permitted uses with appropriate environmental protection;

Securing in law of guidelines for the simplification and securing of licensing procedures in law, giving priority to exploitation over disposal;

Engineering Standardization

Updating of and refinement of regulations for the exploitation of the benefits to the economy from the use of coal ash; priority to be given to the adaptation of world standards, especially European standards, to Israeli conditions;

Definition of conditions for quality assurance and control as a derivative of the standards and user requirements;

Knowledge Center

Database for professional use by various parties in the economy, academe and government;

Internet for all interested parties in the economy, academe, government and public;

Library of articles and studies to serve those interested and curious;

Professional guidance and support for users;

Liaison to coal ash organizations (Coal Combustion Products) and knowledge centers in the world.



Improvement of existing uses in construction and infrastructures:

Optimization of paving materials in land and sea infrastructures;

Combining high-quality fly ash in concrete and its products;

Examination and promotion of advanced uses;

In CLSM based on fly and bottom ash in infrastructures;

Bottom ash as liner to prevent corrosion in underground facilities;

Betterment of soil for agriculture;

Development of uses for high quality bottom ash (sorted by size) in agriculture, construction and industry;

Neutralization and solidification of hazardous industrial sludge using fly ash;

Environmental insulation of polluted earth and remediation of landfills;

Sealing of fuel storage containers;

Stabilization of sewage sludge from purification plants for agricultural uses;

Raw material in asphalts;

Raw material in ceramic and refractory products;

Filler in chemical industries (plastic, bituminous sheets, insulated sheets).


National coal ash system

Planning, guidelines and the promotion of the establishment of a national system of coal ash facilities, including:

Facilities for the economic betterment, processing and treatment of coal ash;

Facilities and sites for the interim storage of ash (dry and wet, raw and processed) for various uses.