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Contact Us

National Coal Ash Board
20 Lincoln St.
Tel-Aviv 6713412
Tel: 972-3-6257000
Fax: 972-3-6257001


NCAB publishes NCABulletin – an electronic magazine dedicated to reports on NCAB’s activities in the coal ash area. Through its periodical updates NCABulletin will provide information about R&D projects, environmental research, analytical enquiries as well as description of licensing procedures, in order to serve as a platform for information exchange for the sake of promoting beneficial utilization of coal ash.

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NCAB conducts FlyAshBack – a public platform for discussion on issues related to its activities and policy. While referring to documents in FlyAshBack, participants can contribute to better understanding of professional and public aspects related to NCAB’s decision making process in order to optimize the utilization of coal ash for the benefit of economy and society.

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