Coal Ash - The Grey Resource

National Coal Ash Board (NCAB) Mission

The National Coal Ash Board (NCAB) is a governmental agency that was established in 1993 by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructures (known today as the Ministry of National Infrastructures), in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, the Interior Ministry, the Israel Electric Company (IEC) and the National Coal Supply Company (NCSC), with the objective of coordinating a national effort to solve the problem of ash that is accumulating at the coal-fired power stations.

In the background of the establishment of NCAB was an existing reality and a future forecast of the accumulation of a massive surplus of coal ash that has no use and that must be disposed of as industrial waste, with all the associated economic and environmental consequences.

The tasks and objectives that were established for NCAB are progressing by the practical promotion of economic uses from pre-commercial stages to direct commercial realization by IEC. In this framework, NCAB invests resources, with the assistance of top level experts in Israel and the world, who possess expertise in a wide range of subjects:

  • Creation or acquisition of knowledge
  • Definition of environmental conditions
  • Writing standards and preparation of engineering specifications
  • Development of regulatory, permitting and supervisory procedures and quality control requirements
  • Opening and developing markets through investigating applications and actual demonstrations.
  • Demonstration of usage applications by cooperative initiative with potential users.
  • Assistance in overcoming administrative obstacles
  • Training and professional support
  • Publicity
Advancement of usage applications is based on a governmental policy having the following principles:
  • Definition of coal ash as a recyclable material that requires environmental regulation.
  • Preference for implementing economic usage processes of coal ash over its disposal as waste.
  • Advancement of usage process by business initiation.
  • Instruction of public funded entities to participate in the economic utilization of coal ash.
  • Establishment of a system of sites for storage of coal ash for marketing.
  • Possibility of land disposal as a default choice for residual coal ash that has no designated use.
NCAB directs and promotes solutions that meet a set of conditions, as accepted around the world, including:
  • Technically soundness
  • Commercial competitiveness
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Public acceptance